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Why We Use Affiliates

Affiliates and ads are important for the lifeline of Beard Wiki. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to cover the costs of the server. This site is not made for-profit, and anything that it earns is put back into it directly in some way. Whether that’s to cover hosting fees, upgrading the server and its infrastructure, or otherwise.

In the interest of full disclosure, this site does not, at the time of this writing, even make enough to pay for its own hosting. This comes out of the pocket of its administrator, Cemmos.

Removing Display Ads

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Essentially, if you’re contributing to the life of this website, ads will be removed. If you’re here to learn without wanting to contribute, ads will be displayed. We think this is fair — information is provided free of charge. Those that contribute are helping provide such information by interacting with each other.

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