It’s best to apply minoxidil two (2) times per day, identically to the recommendation of applying it on the scalp for those that are balding.

Minoxidil has an average half life of 22 hours — meaning the concentration of minoxidil in the hair follicles are half of what they were when initially applied. That’s why you’ll want to apply twice per day versus just once.

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When using minoxidil for beard growth, you’ll want to keep the follicles saturated at the peak saturation as often as you can, so that the follicles retain enough of the benefits for a prolonged time. The follicles, in turn, will maturate the hair that they grow. This is the end goal when trying to grow more facial hair.

Without follicle maturation, the facial hair you grow may not stay with you for life. So long as the hair is terminal (maturated), it will stick around permanently — shedding and regrowing as all hair on the body does.

Can I apply minoxidil just once per day?

You can certainly apply minoxidil just once per day. There have been many people that have used minoxidil just once per day with fantastic results. Keep in mind, however, that everyone is different and each person’s body metabolizes drugs differently. While some people can apply once per day, many may need to opt for twice per day to keep the saturation levels high.

What about less than once per day?

Applying less than once per day isn’t recommended. Missing a day here and there is completely fine, but try not to miss too many days, especially if the days are consecutive. If you’re skipping days purposely due to taking care of your skin from dryness, consider using the foam version without propylene glycol instead.

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Will applying more than twice per day improve or speed up results?

Not at all. There is a point where the follicles are already saturated, and how much the body can metabolize. Along with how long minoxidil is present in the skin and the studies involved, it has been found that twice per day is best. The half life of topical minoxidil is 22 hours — so that is the time for half of the application to be removed from your skin. Applying minoxidil twice per day saturates the skin more than enough for progress.

So applying more minoxidil will not improve or speed up your results. However, if you are resistant to minoxidil (it does not work at all for you), then more applications might allow you to get past resistance. Either more applications or a higher percentage.

Those that minoxidil already works for will not see improved results by applying more than the recommendation. You will simply be risking your health.

Don’t forget, we have a Minox Beard FAQ that answers many questions and is a sort of guide to using minoxidil for beard growth. This guide has literally helped thousands of men grow better beards.