A common question when someone is looking to start derma rolling their face for more beard growth is “how often, and when, should I be derma rolling?” Read on to learn how often to derma roll.

First, this is for the the needle sizes of either 0.5mm or 0.75mm — it’s not recommended you go higher than this, as the face is sensitive with thinner skin. As well, anything lower and you won’t be receiving the benefits of derma rolling.

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The recommended amount to derma roll is once per week, or twice at the most. This is regardless of whether you’re using minoxidil or not with your derma rolling routine. When doing it twice per week, you’ll want to leave a 3-4 day gap between the last time you rolled.

Why you should only derma roll once (or twice) per week

The face needs ample time to heal. One aspect of micro-needling is to produce collagen via damaging the dermis at a microscopic level. Because the damage is microscopic, many people assume that the face heals faster than it does. This misconception is heightened since the redness from derma rolling goes away fairly quickly. Don’t make the mistake of derma rolling too often, as that will have unintended consequences and side effects.

Personally, I would recommend just once per week regardless of natural usage or alongside minoxidil. This ensures that your face is healing properly in between sessions. Remember, everyone heals at a different rate and lifestyles and genetics will also dictate your healing factor.

When using it with minox, another session per week is another full 24 hours of waiting before applying, which means saturation levels of minoxidil go down significantly. This is discussed further in the article “How Many Times Per Day Should I Apply Minoxidil (for Beard Growth)?

Alternatively, even when there is no presence of minoxidil in your routine, the same still stands: your face needs time to heal.

Like many things in life, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Keep your health in mind and don’t go overboard. These things take patience, and the concept that more is better is almost never true when it comes to products, drugs, and practices when trying to grow more facial hair.

Want to learn more about derma rolling? Click the first link in this article or check out the Minoxidil Beard FAQ over on the Beard Wiki.