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When we start growing out our mustaches to crown our beards, the number one problem guys have is that the hair constantly gets into their mouths. We bite the mustache as we’re trying to eat, we have to constantly sweep and brush it to the sides, and sometimes our biting actually pulls hair out, making for a protein-packed snack*.

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*That last part may not be true.

In this article we’ll get down to a quick and easy way of getting your mustache out of your mouth all day.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

The first thing you’ll want to do is rinse or wash your beard. Generally, you’ll probably be getting dressed and will be styling your beard and hair soon after waking up.

So if you take a shower or wash your face in the mornings, this is the best time to tend to your ‘stache.

The reason we want to rinse or wash the beard is for the fact that we need to get the built up oils out of the mustache; if you regularly apply beard oil, balm, or butter, these oils along with your natural sebum should be cleared from your ‘stache so that you can more easily use mustache wax.

With built up oils, your mustache wax may not provide as much of a grip or adhesion to the hair, making your mustache “fall apart” throughout the day, only to have you re-apply product.

So wash your beard and make sure your mustache is decently dry after patting it down with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Apply Mustache Wax

Now that your beard is clean, you’ll need some mustache wax to get the job done.

Using your thumbnail, scrape out some wax, then warm it up and melt it between your thumb and index fingers. Do so on both hands, as one set of fingers will be used for the left portion of your mustache, and the other the right side.

Using your index fingers and thumbs, lightly grab your mustache from its center parting (the philtrum, basically) and start sweeping the ‘stache hairs to the side, above your lip line.

Continue until you feel your mustache is out of the way enough.

The larger your mustache, the more wax you’ll want to use.

Step 3: … Wait, That’s It

You’re done! A quick note to make: you may want to style the bulk of your beard first and then do your mustache as the final step. Particularly if you’re going to style the ‘stache into a handlebar or other style.

Just keep in mind not to put oils and such on your mustache before applying the wax. Waxes will have those contained in them anyway, so it’s not something that needs to be worried about. Simply make sure your mustache is clean and dry, and the wax will do the rest.

Watch a Video on How to Keep Your Mustache Out of Your Mouth

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