If you just want to get the answer and hop out of this article, the answer is no, minoxidil does not lower libido or cause erectile dysfunction.

In a Facebook group that I administrate, there are over 57,000 men using or curious about using minox for beard growth. A somewhat common question is whether minoxidil lowers libido or causes erectile dysfunction. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into why this isn’t the case, to further ease your mind.

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Why minoxidil doesn’t lower libido or cause erectile dysfunction

Minoxidil has been around in oral form since the 1980s, with topical form coming soon after. As of today, there have been no scientific studies that have correlated minoxidil lowering libido or causing erectile dysfunction (“ED” onward). In fact, scientists have hypothesized that minox may help male ED issues:

The reason for this hypothesis is because minoxidil “has been reported to increase diameter, rigidity and arterial flow to the penis.”

A lot of men in the Facebook group I mentioned have stated that they get an increase in their erections (particularly morning wood). This makes sense because minoxidil is a vasodilator which widens blood vessels and improves the flow of blood. On the contrary, if it were a vasoconstrictor, then that is when you might start to hypothesize ED issues.

Why minox gets confused with causing ED

When you’re using minoxidil to treat hair loss, much of the time doctors may prescribe finasteride alongside it. Finasteride is a potent anti-androgen that’s known and meant to reduce DHT levels.

Male pattern balding is caused by a sensitivity to DHT in the scalp’s follicles, so finasteride combats the androgen. The downside to using such a potent drug is that it may lower your DHT levels systemically. This means your body has less DHT production — particularly in the testicles where testosterone and DHT are most produced. This leads to lowered libido and erectile dysfunction.

Minoxidil, on the other hand, does not change your hormones. Thus, your DHT levels stay the same in the body and testicles.

So if this libido or ED question has been plaguing your mind, be at ease. Minoxidil simply doesn’t work that way.

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