What Happened to Beard Profile?

What It Was

Beard Profile was a social network-esque website that was launched in January of 2016 after Cemmos had started growing out his beard using minoxidil in 2015. Getting really into the beard game and everything surrounding beard growth, he created the site to share and spread that passion to likeminded individuals.

After a great amount of success for the niche it was in, the site slowly started to become hindered by the software it was built on; issues between the software and current, updated server architecture not only meant progress was lagging, but halting altogether. Along with semi-broken backend systems and a difficult time even writing educative articles and opinion pieces, the UX was not on par with what we wanted for a site of its nature. The amount of processing it took to accept new members due to an influx of spam bots also wasn’t ideal.

What It Will Be

So, in January 2022 — six years after its creation, we decided to start transferring parts of the site over to the Beard Wiki. User accounts will not be transferred and those that were signed up on Beard Profile will need to make a new account here, and most of the content will be archived and eventually be taken offline. The articles are preserved here on the Beard Wiki’s articles subdomain, with a note at the top, stating where those articles originated.

Since the wiki and its subdomains are not a social network in the way that Beard Profile was, much of the content cannot be moved over. From the user profiles and timelines that many people created, to the public and private albums, there is no route to migration. They lay to rest where they began, and while it was a difficult decision to make, it was one that had to be made.

Moving into the Future

The feeling might be somber for some, but this isn’t really a goodbye. It’s a hello. The same people that built and cherished Beard Profile have been here at the wiki and will continue to be growing it, fueling beard and health knowledge for everyone to read, free of charge.

The wiki itself isn’t new: it was made the same year Beard Profile was, although its articles and forums were launched some time later. These three systems play well together and are part of an ecosystem that will not stagnate and will not have the same fate in terms of updates and modern features and functionality.

So come along with us on this journey by registering an account and diving into the content and beard forums. We’re glad to have you.

For those that had our back with Beard Profile, whether by using the site as a guest, asking questions on the forums or sending DMs to us: thank you. We truly appreciate your trust and hope to continue earning and maintaining it.
– Cemmos